Blue Truck Clothing LLC has now been in business since 2021. We've seen some ups, seen some downs, but can definitely say this was worth the challenge. We've learned a lot since beginning and are taking on new ventures each day. With the apparel industry on track to hit over $600B in sales by 2026, I think it's safe to say we aren't going anywhere.

With 2023 plans to bring all inventory in house, as we currently use what is called a Print on Demand model, expect upgraded and better products as we will no longer be limited by the printers hand-picked selections. Blue Truck wants to bring the best, most comfortable (and affordable), and sometimes entertaining products to our customer base. 

We appreciate every single customer that has supported us so far on this journey and look forward to increasing that customer base in the future! Make sure to give us a follow on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook so you don't miss out on any content, special deals and sales, and everything else Blue Truck Clothing has to offer.

Cheers to a Happy New Year and big things on the horizon! May 2023 be the best year yet!

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